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Indent / Outdent

This plugin adds the generic Increase/Decrease Indent commands and toolbar buttons to the editor. These commands can be used to change the indentation of text blocks as well as list indentation levels.

Note: Since CKEditor 4.2 this plugin requires either the Indent Block or Indent List plugins to perform indentation on text blocks and lists, respectively.


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Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.9 4.8 4.7

The first bug-fixing release for release for CKEditor 4.10.

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Brown Sunville Women's Faux Boots Suede 91011 New Stylish The second bug fixing release after the CKEditor 4.9 major release.

Version: 4.8.0

DownloadRelease notes

Another major release: CKEditor 4.8.

Version: 4.7.3

DownloadRelease notes

Another bugfixing release for CKEditor 4.7.

The first minor release for CKEditor 4.6.2.

Version: 4.5.11

DownloadRelease notes

Another bug fixing release for the 4.5 series.

Version: 4.4.8

DownloadRelease notes

Another bug-fixing release for the 4.4 series.

Version: 4.3.5

DownloadRelease notes

Another bug fixing release for the 4.3 series

Version: 4.2.3

DownloadRelease notes

Another bug fixing release for the 4.2 series

Version: 4.1.3

DownloadRelease notes

The next bug fixing release for CKEditor 4.1.x series

Another bug fixing release for the 4.0 series

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