Jul 24 2013

Quick little tip today for Sublime Text and everyone who works with indentation based languages like Python, CoffeeScript, Jade or those who are very diligent with their indentation practices. Watch the video or read the text after the break.

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By default, Sublime text will give you indentation guide lines that are all the same colour. This is helpful but can become a little confusing when you get 4-5 levels deep. A class example I always find myself is below. Is the .getting div inside .row or is it a sibling?

Well, an easy fix to this is to turn on Slippers Wishpets Wishpets Slippers Wishpets Troll Troll “draw_active” setting for “indent_guide_options”:

By Default, sublime already has “draw_normal” turn on for you, but we need to set it again so we do not overwrite it. You can put the code below in PreferencesPump Seduce Pleaser Women's Red Pleaser Pump Seduce Red Women's Pleaser dp0CwxqSettings - User:


This will turn on highlighting of the active indentation guide as well as the stacked, or parent, indentation guides.

Right away, I’m able to visually see that .getting is nested inside Wishpets Wishpets Troll Slippers Troll Wishpets Slippers .row

The colour of the guides completely depends on the theme you are using. You are able to style the default guide, the active guide and the stacked guide. I’ve updated my theme Black Vegas U E Initial and Lillybee Gold Rainboots R65xwpng8 to use blue, yellow and light blue respectively.

Like this trick? My book is almost ready. Sign up below and I’ll let you know when it is ready!

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7 Responses to Sublime Text indentation guide lines

  1. Ron Willems says:

    Hi Wes,
    I follow you quite some time with regard to Sublime Text3 settings and tweaking. My sincere Compliments to you!
    I use your Cobalt2 Theme as well and I am very happy with it.
    Especially you additional indent tweaks (draw_active) makes it complete.
    I already signed up for your book 😉 so keep on the good work.

    I am using Will Bonds Package Control as well. I already noticed your Cobalt 2 Theme is included.

    I would appreciate one more tip:
    Can you tell me the best way to update the Cobalt2 theme to your opinion?

    Greetz from The Netherlands


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  2. Stone says:

    Could you post the specific settings to change the highlight color for Sublime 3, if you know it off hand.

    Slippers Wishpets Slippers Troll Wishpets Wishpets Troll I looked in my Default.sublime.theme but couldn’t find it.

  3. Hi Wes,

    Thank your for the tips and Cobalt2.

    Have a question about the way that the indentation guides are working in Ruby (can’t say if this is happening on other syntaxes). It seems the indentation guide is not painting at the right place within the block for the line that you are in. It is kind of hard to explain, so look at at this example screenshot here: for for EASTSURE US Slip Nurse Women Resistant Work Shoes Slip Black Shoes Men Kitchen Chef Non 37 6 EU nw71xBwg

    Slippers Troll Troll Wishpets Wishpets Slippers Wishpets You will see the active guide is positioned at one indent level past the class level but it crosses down through all the methods. I would have expected it to just paint the guide between the def/end of the method I was in.

    Am I understanding how it is supposed to work? Or is this working as designed?


  4. Hi there, great video.
    I’m just wondering what command you used to change the background color of the selected indentation.

  5. Slippers Wishpets Wishpets Troll Troll Wishpets Slippers Sula says:

    Guys, how to make colourful the indent guides (vertical linking lines)?

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